Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht

Mentally and physically stronger.

Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht is the place to be for traditional kungfu. We practice the kungfu style Hung Ga. Hung Ga is one of the worldwide best-known traditional kungfu systems. It offers physical training, practical self-defence and improves.  Besides sets we practice applications, self-defence, conditioning, sparring drills and fighting situations.

Picture: kungfu greeting, Hong Kong 2003

We train in a friendly atmosphere and everybody can learn at their own pace and train with their own intensity; the only thing require is some perseverance to master the techniques.
After all, kungfu means ‘work hard’ in the meaning of ‘practice makes perfect’.
The training basically suits everybody, young (from age 13) and old, wether you want to train just for fun or more fanatic. Classes are held in Dutch/English.

“Kungfu is an investment in yourself. One becomes fitter, healthier and mentally stronger and thougher.”

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and take a trial lesson (from age 13).

What does Hung Ga kungfu offer?

– Movement and improved coordination
– Practical fighting techniques (for self-defence)
– Mobility and physical training
– Recovery training (flexibility) and anti-stress
– Traditional sets: a systematic approach for proven results:
the sets train body, spirit and mind (through the integrated Chi Kung (breathing exercises))
– Confidence
– Traditional weapons (advanced level) – ranging from saber, daggers and straight sword to spear and long pole
And much more…