Lam Sai Wing – the ‘hot-head’

Lam Sai Wing was said to be a generous person. However, from time to time he could be quite stubborn and react hot-headed. When Lam Sai Wing had his school in Hong Kong, they were invited for a kungfu demonstration at Tsing Yi Island. At Tsing Yi Island they would organise a bit lion dance event and kungfu demonstration each year and many schools would join.
Just before it was the turn of Lam Sai Wing´s school, the master of another school came to him and asked if his school could go first instead. Lam Sai Wing reacted angrily, saying: “Sure, if you can pass me.”
Of course, the other master didn’t go through and decided to just wait his turn.
Lam Sai Wing was, however, a bit pissed off and therefore told his students to break down the stage. The wooden stage consisted of thin planks or tiles, so his students would use solid strong footwork, stamping down during their demonstration and leaving holes behind.
Then it was the turn of the school of the master who had asked Lam Sai Wing if he could go first. Their style was one with many short sliding steps, so because of the holes in the stage they could not perform (well).