Bong Ji Chui – one of the secret techniques of Wong Fei Hung

Bong Ji Chui – Rattle Fists

The story goes that Wong Fei Hung withheld some techniques from Lam Sai Wing and only taught him much later, after many, many years. The three main skills that Wong Fei Hung withheld were Fei Tau (lit. Flying Head, being Dart Rope), Mo Ying Geuk (Shadowless Kick) and Bong Ji Chui (Rattle Fists).

In the Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book following is written by Wong Man Kai (student of Lam Sai Wing):
“One day my sijou told my sifu since he had his own school, my sijou wanted to teach him a secret technique. My sijou said that my sifu would be the best in the world if he knew how to use this technique. In addition, he asked my sifu to treasure this technique and not to show it to the public. After my sifu learned the combination Bong Ji Cheui4, he defeated almost all of his enemies for ten years.

Many people never taught their secret techniques to others. My sifu, however, was very generous and would teach all of his knowledge to his students. Even the combination Bong Ji Cheui, which he only learned after twenty years of training with my sijou, he taught openly. All of my sifu’s students respected him very much.”
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It is said that when Lam Sai Wing lived and taught in Hong Kong, one day Wong Fei Hung came to Lam Sai Wing and asked him for money. However, Lam Sai Wing only had a little money himself and could not give anything to Wong Fei Hung. Then Wong Fei Hung saw Lam Sai Wing’s golden chain and asked Lam Sai Wing to give it to him instead of money. Lam Sai Wing was reluctant to do so. Thus, Wong Fei Hung told Lam Sai Wing he still had one more technique to learn. Then Lam Sai Wing had no choice other than to give the chain and in return Wong Fei Hung would teach him the combination Bong Ji Cheui.
image001Bong Ji Cheui, or “Rattle Fists”, is the combination “hook punch with the front hand to the head”, followed by “a palm punch with the back hand to the head” and, after that, an “arrow punch with the front hand to the belly”. This rapidly executed combination can be found in the Tiger-Crane Set. In some cases the first or second technique will hit home. In most cases, however, the first two techniques will result in the guard of the opponent going up. Then the last arrow punch can hit the opponent fully. Since most people are right-handed and have the most power there, this combination is executed with the right side in front. Therefore, in the Tiger-Crane Set first the side is changed. Furthermore, the combination can be found as a variation in the Five Animals & Five Elements Set, with the first strike being an arrow punch instead of a hook to the head.