Anecdote of Tik Kiu Saam

One day a Russian wrestler travelled around in (Southern) China to challenge Chinese fighters. TkiuSamHis companions heard of Tik Kiu Saam and arranged a match. The Russian wrestler arrived by boat. Tik Kiu Saam was waiting at the pier. The boat was, however, to big to reach the shore as the water was undeep. Therefore, they offered to take Tik Kiu Saam with a small boat to the big boat and would have the fight there instead. Tik Kiu Saam was reluctant, however, not knowing what tricks they would play on the big boat.  He said, the boat was not strong enough to carry him. They kept asking him to come and Tik Kiu Saam then agreed. But when he had to step on the small boat to transport him, he used his “noi gung”. With one stamp he broke the small boat and made it sink. Tik Kiu Saam then told them they should arrange another boat to bring the Russian wrestler over. However, the Russian wrestler and his companions had witnessed all, declined and left right away.

Source: orally passed on by grand master Lam Chun Fai.
Trivia: other stories orally passed on say that Tik Kiu Saam only was a thin guy weighing only about 70 pounds.