Trial lesson

After reading the website, the best way to find out wether you like Hung Ga kungfu is a trial lesson. Following dates are the first options for a free trial lesson (if not updated please see the Dutch version):
– September 30, 2020, wednesday
– October 14, 2020, wednesday

Participation only after registration per e-mail. Just watching is not allowed. The trial is during a normal class on wednesday, from 18.45 – 20.00 pm (see the training schedule).
To register please e-mail us with the word ‘trial lesson’ in the subject line and confirm you have taken notice of the requirements below. Normally, you will get an conformation within a few days.

E-mail for registration:

Special requirements/measures due to Corona:
– The city government of Utrecht does not allow spectators of any sort at the moment.
– Please be aware that we practise applications for about 15 minutes. This means contact of the arms with another person. At the moment we stick to one training partner per evening (instead of changing partner every few minutes) . Before and after class the 1.5 meter rules apply.
– We verzoeken je in de 7 dagen voor de proefles GEEN andere sportgroepslessen (met contact) te volgen en feestjes waar geen 1,5 meter afstand kan worden gehouden, te mijden. Als je hier momenteel niet aan voldoet, hebben we liever dat je een andere keer komt.
– You cannot join if you have any flue/cold complaints, even if it’s just a sore throat.

Please take notice of following:
– The trial lesson is a normal class with several training elements so you get a decent overview of what we train.
– It’s only possible to activily join during the trial lesson, just watching is not allowed. After all, one can only judge what one experiences.
– If exercises are conditionally too heavy, just try them but with slower pace and with fewer repeats. During the first few months you may gradually build up your condition. .
– Please wear long, loose pants, a plain T-shirt and optional indoor sport shoes (else barefoot is okay too, no outside used shoes).
–  The gym will be open about 10 minutes before class starts, to change into training clothes
– During the months june, july and august it’s not possible to join a trial lesson.