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The school

Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht is one of the few real tradition kungfu schools in the area and one of the few schools that offer the complete system. We train in a serious, but friendly social atmosphere. The groups are not too big, so will get the needed attention and nobody is lost in mass.

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The school is led by C. van 't Slot and he is assisted by few of the advanced students that already train for many years in the school. The school exists since 2004 and has build quite a good reputation during the years.

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Once in a while the school participates in tournaments. A few of the students, only the ones really interested, joins tournaments about once a year in. Students of our school have already won several prizes, including many first places. A highlight worth mentioning was the success of students at the very big tournament in Hong Kong in 2011, "The First Universal Chinese Sport-Wushu Competition" (as part of the Asian "Universal Games"): at this tournament the two joining students each got a first place.
Futhermore, it's possible to join seminars. Every few years we organise a seminar with masters from Hong Kong and, occasionally, we participate in seminars organised by other schools.



Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht is led by C. van 't Slot. He already started martial arts at the age of 13. He first learned Shaolin Kempo Karate (a mix of Karate with Indonesian Kuntao sets, developed in the Netherlands). After four years of hard training, C. van 't Slot received his black belt (Dutch Karate Association, WKF reckognised) in this martial arts. In the same year he had already started with Hung Ga kungfu when the same school started offering kungfu classes. After many years of training a black sash was attained. 
After some seminars with grand masters from Hong Kong, C. van 't Slot knew he could improve even more. Therefore, in 2000, he went to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong he was accepted as a student by grand master Lam Chun Fai and started to learn the Hung Ga style of the Lam family. This is one of the most traditional versions of Hung Ga where many depth en fighting applications have been preserved. Since then, C. van 't Slot has returned to Hong Kong every year to learn more. Even though he has learnt the complete curriculum now, one can always improve more, and even teachers have to keep in shape to master their kungfu.

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C. van 't Slot also trains under and with other masters regularly, to exhange ideas and improve even more. From 2002-2007, C. van’t Slot also trained under grand master Lam Chun Sing, the younger brother of Lam Chun Fai, when going to Hong Kong. (After 2007 Lam Chun Sing moved to Senzhen and later Foshan).
Besides the training trips, the above-mentioned grand masters have been to the Netherlands already to teach C. van ’t Slot and for seminars in the school in Utrecht. 
Because of his dedication and enthusiasm, C. van ’t Slot has become one of the better and advanced students of grand master Lam Chun Fai. In Hong Kong C. van 't Slot on several occasions represented the Lam Chun Fai Hung Kuen School in demonstrations. And in 2003 he won the first price in the category "Short Forms" at the World Cup Hung Ga.
Grand master Lam Chun Fai even stimulated C. van 't Slot to start teaching kungfu. Therefore, with the full support of grand master Lam Chun Fai, C. van't Slot passes on the Hung Ga kung fu of the Lam family.

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