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November 2016. Training trip to Hong Kong/tournament World Hung Kuen Association



October 17th, 2015. VFCK Cup, Münster, Germany.
3 students of our school joined the tournament of the VFCK in Germany. It's one of the tournaments with the highest level of traditional kungfu in Western Europe. 
All 3 students did very well. San and Mike got a shared 1st place in the division 'Fist sets beginners', as well as a 1st resp. 3rd place with the saber in the division 'Short weapons'. 
Gerard won the 3rd place with double sabre in the division 'Double weapon intermediate level'. 

May 26, 2013. Guo Shu Cup, Amsterdam.
Two students from Utrecht joined this tournament for traditional kungfu. Almost all Dutch schools for traditional kungfu were present. Furthermore, there were some special guests from China. After lion and dragon dance, the tournament started. During the break there was a demonstration by the special guests from abroad, as well by several teachers.guo shu cup 2013
It was a fruitful day. Rina took first place with the set Fuk Fu Kyun in the category "Fist set southern style, female, >4 years experience". Furthermore, Eric took second place with his double daggers in the category "Other weapons, northern and southern, >4 years experience" and third place with the set Lau Ga Kyun in de category "Fist set southern, male, >4 years experience".


April 6 and 7, 2013. Seminars with Hung Kuen master Wong Chung Man.
This year master Wong Chung Man came to Hannover, to the school of his student Frank Bolte. In the weekend of april 6 and 7 few seminars were held. The seminars covered applications and sets. Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht participated with 9 people.

kung fu utrecht  kungfu hung gar utrecht



February 13, 2013. Demonstration Rotterdam.
For the celebration of Chinese New Year our school gave a short demontration at the festival organised by Studio Zi. Despite the freezing cold and the accompanying stiffness, the day was a great success as the crowd in Rotterdam was impressed by the performances. A small impression can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7wsG3a_Ka4

October 20, 2012. Tournament in Münster, Germany, organised by VFCK.
This year our school joint this tournament again. For Linda and Rianne it was the first tournament they ever joined. Both participated with the set "Lau Ga Kyun" in the category "Experience up to 2 years, female, Southern-Chinese sets". They got 1st and 3rd place, which made the day to a success right away. The success was continued by Dimitri, who won 1st price with a powerful execution of the set 'Fuk Fu Kyun' in the category 'Fist set Southern-Chinese styles'. Lastly, David took third place with the butterfly knives in the category >4 years experience. Altogehter a very succesful day!

kung fu utrecht wedstrijd 2012   wedstrijd kungfu utrecht 2012

May 5 and 5, 2012. Seminars in Utrecht with master Wong Chung Man from Hong Kong.
This year Hung Ga kungfu master Wong came to the Netherlands for seminars. Several seminars on the field of Hung Ga kungfu were held.
Besides our school, several other schools were present, e.g. from Deventer, Hannover (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic).

November 13, 2011.  The First Universal Chinese Sport-Wushu Competition, organised together with The China Hong Kong Traditional Wushu Federation
Coincide with our training trip to Hong Kong, 2 students of our school from Utrecht participated in this tournament, that is David and Eric. The tournament had a few hundred particpants from all over the world. Therefore, it came as a big surprise that Eric took the first place in his category "Short fist sets" - he was rewarded with a gold medal. But that wasn't it, David's achievement was even bigger. He didn't just get 1st of his category "Sap Ying Kuen" but also 1st of the overlapping category "All Southern Fist Sets" – he got a big cup for this.

kung fu utrecht wedstrijd hongkong2011  kungfuutrecht wedstrijd hongkong2011

kungfu utrecht hongkong2011   


October 1, 2011. VFCK Cup in Münster, Germany.
With a small team we went to a big tournament in Germany. Almost all serious kungfu schools from Germany participated in this tournament for traditional kungfu. 
Even though it was a though tournament, with many participants of very high level, Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht won 4 prizes.
Rina took 1st place in the category "Fist set female 2-4 years experience" and a 2nd place in the category "Long weapons/pole 2-4 years experience". David won 1st price in the category "Double weapons 4-8 years experience". Lastly, Eric took rd place in the category "Other weapons 4-8 years experience".

 kung fu utrecht wedstrijd 2011  wushu wedstrijd utrecht 2011

kungfu utrecht wedstrijd muenster 2011

April 16, 2011. Tournament VKS in Meerssen.
At this larger tournament with categories with many participants our school yielded very good results.
Dimitri won first prize in the category with his fist set, Rina did the same in the female category. David took third place with his butterfly knives in the weapons category.

 kung fu utrecht wedstrijd meerssen2011 kung fu utrecht wedstrijd meerssen2011


March 20, 2010. Tournament of the VKS in Kerkrade.
In the category “Seniors up to 4 years experience” Dimitri has won the first price and Eric the second. Furthermore, David and Jeroen took a third place in the category “Two-person sets” with the Sabre versus Spear.

kung fu utrecht 2010  kung fu utrecht 2010 

kung fu utrecht wedstrijd 2010  wushu utrecht wedstrijd 2010

utrecht kung fu wedstrijd 2010 


March 21, 2009. Tournament of the German VFCK in Siegen, Germany.
In the category Long Weapons 4-8 years experience, Lion took first place. Furthermore Eric got third place in the category Fist Sets 2-4 years experience, and Jeroen won third price with his saber set in the category Saber 4-8 years experience.

January 17, 2009. Tournament of the VKS in Maastricht.
In the category Quanshu (sets) Seniors up to 4 years experience Sarah has managed to get third. In the same category Dimitri has won the first price.

 kung fu utrecht wedstrijd 2009

December 15, 2007. Tournament of the VKS in Kerkrade.
In the category Quanshu (sets), Seniors up to 4 years experience, our members have achieved impressive results, especially considering this was the first tournament ever that our school joined. Eric took third place in this category and David even won the gold medal.
The tournament was organised well, and we’re looking out to join it again next year!

kung fu utrecht wedstrijd 2007

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