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Utrecht:    Ages 13 and over.

Wednesday: 18.45 – 20:00/15 pm. All levels.

Friday:         18.45 – 20.15 pm. All levels (every 2nd week: last half hour
                                             individual forms/weapon forms).

In the summermonths July and August we train outside, times and days depending on the interest. 

Tuition fees:

Euro 85,00 per three months (incl. VAT).
Amount is regardsless of the amount of followed classes per week (on friday and wednesday evening). Each payment period to be paid in advance, by bank transfer or cash.
Additional sunday trainings and seminars are not included in this amount.



locatie kungfu utrecht locatie kungfu utrecht locatie kung fu utrecht

Gym of the primary school by the Pieterskerkhof in Utrecht.
(However, the entrance is located at the backside, reachable by the schoolyard, street name "Kromme Nieuwe" between number 37 and 39. Google Maps).
Note: It is not possible to just drop by in order to spectate. For those interested, we have trial lessons (see under Trial lesson).


Lesson structure

The kungfu training consists of diverse, coherent exercises. For instance, fist sets (fixed patterns of kungfu movements) are practised, and those techniques are trained with partner as applications (for self-defence reasons).
However, due to the richness of kungfu not all exercises are practised every lesson. A training normally starts with a class warm-up. After that, mostly basic exercises or hardening are done, and then applications and/or sets. The sets are often practised in small groups or individually, so everybody can work at his own level. 
Other training components are physical training (functional bodyweight training), mobility/flexibility training, sparring exercises, punching pad drills, breathing and relaxation exercises and more ....

In general, on wednesday we focus a bit more on technical training and on friday a bit more on drills with an opponent, sparring drills and physical training.

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