Anecdote of Tik Kiu Saam

One day a Russian wrestler travelled around in (Southern) China to challenge Chinese fighters. His companions heard of Tik Kiu Saam and arranged a match. The Russian wrestler arrived by boat. Tik Kiu Saam was waiting at the pier. The boat was, however, to big to reach the shore as the water was undeep. Therefore, they … Read more

Lam Sai Wing – the ‘hot-head’

(Oral story once told to me by my sifu) Lam Sai Wing was said to be a generous person. However, from time to time he could be quite stubborn and react hot-headed. When Lam Sai Wing had his school in Hong Kong, they were invited for a kungfu demonstration at Tsing Yi Island. At Tsing … Read more

Tit Sin Kyun – Iron Wire Set

Discussion of Tit Sin Kyun By Wu Lap Kung, 1951. If you want to be successful in your career, you have to be physically fit first. If you want to be physically fit, then you must do more exercise. There are many exercises that train the body. However, learning kung fu is the most suitable … Read more